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Mervyn Warren 10.15.20

We’ll be talking with former Take 6 member Mervyn Warren this evening about some very important topics, including the backlash we received as a group both at school, and Church! You don’t want to miss this one. This weeks convo will lead to a much bigger and broader conversation next week. Details soon!!

Chris Spencer

We’ve got an incredibly special guest. Actor, writer, producer, comedian...Chris Spencer!! We go back a long long way, and it’ll be a great hang catching up and getting his take on 2020, and everything else.

Mr. Talkbox - Byron Chambers

Awwww yeah!!! We’ve got the man, the myth, the legend known as Mr Talkbox live and in color hanging out with us. You don’t want to miss this.

Jacob Collier

Yesssss!!!! You don’t want to miss the convo with our little brother :)

#SpreadLove2020Challenge - Jay Browne

When Take 6 announced the #spreadlove2020challenge a few months ago this gentleman jumped right on it and sent his remix to us!

Marcus Miller

Take 6 has known Marcus for many years so this should be quite the convo. Everyone from Miles Davis, Luther Van Dross, David Sanborn, and production of one of our favorite albums “Beautiful World” don’t want to miss this.

PJ Morton

Despite so technical difficulties with the live stream, we were able to record an incredibly special hang out with multi Grammy award winner PJ Morton!

#SpreadLove2020Challenge - Eliel Gatti Robles Trio

Join us this evening as we preview an amazing Brazilian remix of our Spread Love challenge, brought to you by none other than our longtime fan and friend Eliel Gatti Robles and his trio!

Mervyn Warren

It's a long-awaited reunion with the former member of Take 6! Five-time Grammy Award winner and 10-time nominee, Mervyn Warren, is a highly accomplished film & TV composer, record producer, songwriter/lyricist, arranger, pianist, vocalist, and all-around fun guy.

Spice Adams & E Jones

We are SO excited to welcome Spice Adams and E Jones to our Tuesday evening FB and IG lives! For those who don’t know...”Spice” has been killing the game for years with his irreverent/hilarious videos and posts. He and E Jones have used some Take 6 music as background to some of his videos. We said.... “fellas we NEED to have you on and rap with us!!” Join us tonight. This is gonna be epic!

Quarantine Check-in

We realized that we haven’t physically seen each other in over 4 months! With that in mind, we’d like to hang out this evening and “check in” ...with each other.

#SpreadLove2020Challenge - JE Jupiter Soul

We're extremely excited to welcome JE Jupiter Soul. He's bringing us two FIRE remixes of Spread Love for the #SpreadLove2020Challenge.

#SpreadLove2020Challenge - Butter

Next up! Join us on this Spread Love episode with one of our oldest and dearest musical friends...”Butter” We’ll talk all about the #SpreadLove2020Challenge as well as our friendship over the years.

#SpreadLove2020Challenge - Phill C

This week's #SpreadLove2020Challenge features Phill C, who has created not just one, but SEVEN new mixes.

#SpreadLove2020 Challenge - Kid Capri

Back in the day one of the very first cats to do a Spread Love remix was the legendary Kid Capri. Well.... he’ll be joining us today to play his new version of the #spreadlove2020challenge.

Racism - The Conversation

In light of George Floyd's murder, this episode starts the conversation from within this iconic group as black men who share their experiences on the issue of racism.

#SpreadLove2020Challenge with Jukka Buckland

As we continue with the #SpreadLove2020Challenge, we talk to Jukka Buckland about his rendition of "Spread Love!"

#SpreadLove2020Challenge with LeRoyal Smith

We're kicking off the #SpreadLove2020 Challenge with LeRoyal Smith and talking to him about his rendition of "Spread Love!"

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