Remembering Newbold

This evening is the important culmination of a conversation we started a few weeks ago. The conversation was about a concert Take 6 did in the UK 30 years ago that was STOPPED! Join us to hear from some students who were there, as well as a couple surprise special guests.
Today's “Spread Love podcast” while not live as advertised, was epic nonetheless! We were blessed to have CeCelia Wickham Anderson, Sammy Massiah (former Newbold College students from back in the day) Mike Johnson (Take 6’ first European promoter) Dr Pollard (Oakwood University president) and our good friend, musician, actor, Pastor, Clifton Davis. We had the opportunity to discuss and listen to everyone’s perspective on not only the Newbold College show Take 6 was a part of 30 years ago, (that was stopped) but also to talk about what healing and forgiveness is really about. Here is the conversation. Check it out, share it with others, and let’s all learn to listen!

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